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Scout Buggy

This page is about my scout frame buggy. it started life as an International Harvester Scout II Traveler. The traveler option was basically an 18 inch increase in wheelbase(118 vs the 100 of a normal scout II) and included a fiberglass top and a different style of tailgate.

The rusty body and fiberglass top were removed,and a rollcage fabricated to protect the passengers  and hold the steering column and pedals,seats,and  a some body panels. 18" was removed from the center of the frame to create a more "wheelable" wheelbase.

a "before" pic of how it looked when i picked it up

dismantling and removing the body

body gone!

ill remove 18 inches from this nice flat section

18 inch piece removed

2 halves are 1 again,and reinforced with different size angle iron

100" wheelbase(yeah,yeah,i could have just started with a scout II)

steering column/pedal assembly support

middle of cage

middle of cage,rear shot,showing seat mounts

rear cage/bumper

rear cage

front section/radiator support

dash,tranny and firewall.

hauling off whats left

top view,narrowed front sheetmetal

the "starting point" for the center cage and seat mounts

steering column support. part of the firewall was cut out,reinforced,amd attached to the tubing so the column/pedal assembly bolts on like factory.

front fenders bolted on

narrowed front grill mount. i wanted to use an unmodified insert so a stock SS grill will bolt on later. off road lights will be mounted in front of the grill

front sheetmetal attached. hood narrowed,and now hinges at the rear. ill cut the fenders after the axles,wheels and tires are installed.

rear sheetmetal,or rear "fenders"

rear floor. 5 gallon boat tank next to the dual battery tray. the little boat tank will be replaced with a bigger fuel cell when funds permit

sheet metal and floor in the center cage